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The best marketing is said to come from human insights.


We have developed a proven approach that creates a safe space for people to be heard, allowing deeper, more unconscious human emotions and feelings to come to the surface.


Activity Based Conversations™ is at the heart of everything we do.  It builds upon the discipline of Behavioural Economics and uses highly engaging activities designed to yield rich human insights by truly understanding what drives attitudes and behaviours.

We let the objectives drive the approach and work with Clients to recommend "right sized research" that also takes into account budget and timing constraints.  


Our tool box reflects the latest in design thinking as well as more traditional methods:

  • Focus Groups

  • In Depth “expert/elite” interviews

  • In Store “shop along” interviews

  • In home “observational” interviews

  • Online discussion forums (“bulletin boards”)

  • Online webcam/text “chat” based focus groups

  • Mobile ethnography

  • “Blended” methodologies (including quali/quant hybrids)

  • Machine Aided Learning (AI)


We believe that asking the “right questions” in the right way means we can provide direction on pretty much any topic, but over the years have become best known for our advice in the following areas:


  • Brand equity/exploration

  • Brand positioning/strategy development

  • Concept evaluation/optimization

  • Advertising evaluation/optimization

  • Packaging evaluation/optimization

  • Logo evaluation/optimization

  • Category assessment/unmet needs

  • Consumer/customer path to purchase/journey

  • Website/App evaluation/usability


Open Door Insights has also developed an approach that successfully yields emotional insights from professionals/B2B audiences using proven consumer techniques to effectively connect rational and emotional needs together in unique ways that achieve differentiation in the marketplace.


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